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Why mention the application of rice brick vacuum bag, will have such popularity?
Whether in guangdong a few kg of rice in the bag (500 g, 1 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, etc.), without exception, in the presence of quality must ensure that in the process of transportation, guangdong seal degree, no leakage, no bag broken is the basic guarantee of conditions, the second is the material of our choice, how to choose high toughness, high barrier material, has excellent effect on vacuum products, as the primary selection criteria of packing!
In our factory, all the meters brick vacuum bag adopts the PA/PE composite material, according to the different products bearing standard, will adjust the thickness of the product, because the thickness of the product will affect the price of packaging, regardless of cost factor, of course, in terms of technical operation, also can have the appropriate, packaged thick in the process of vacuum sealing, could lead to improper product packing seal, on the contrary, have packaged thin, they could be in the process of vacuum, sharp rice will prick the packing, affect the vacuum effect!
Product Size:Customized
Printing DesignTongueSD,AI or CDR
Using Area:Grains, rice, etc.
Features:Nylon material does not leak air, three-dimensional molding appearance is delicate, thickening material puncture resistance.
Outer PackingTongueacked in cartons lined with PE
Trade of term:EXW/FOB/CFR/CIFOther Hot Bags manufacturers

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